Are UFC Fighters the Best Fighters in The World?

Are ufc fighters the best fighters

The answer to the question “Are UFC fighters the best fighters in the world?” is a tricky one. Mainly due to the fact that fighters from different organizations don’t fight each other. But many fighters have fought both in the UFC and other organizations. So by comparing their success in different organizations, you can probably get a step closer to the answer. Because even though the UFC is the most well-known organization it doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains the most skilled fighters.

Ben Askren

This man Ben Askren went undefeated his first 19 fights, he became the welterweight champion of Bellator and also welterweight champion of One FC. Ben is a very one dimensional fighter and will always take his opponents down and not let go. This strategy worked on the highest level in both Bellator and One FC, but when he got to the UFC he ran into trouble. His first UFC fight against Robbie Lawler almost became his first loss as Robbie slammed him on his head and delivered some vicious ground and pound. Ben just barely weathered the storm and ultimately caught Robbie in a bulldog choke to win the fight.

Bens next fight was against Jorge Masvidal. A guy who went 2 to 2 in his last 4 fights in the UFC. Bens plan was the usual, to take Jorge down and hold him there. But as Ben shot for Jorges legs in the opening seconds, Jorge countered with a perfect timed knee to the face. Resulting in the quickest knockout in UFC history. By looking at this data I believe it’s safe to say that the welterweight division of the UFC do possess the best welterweights in the world.

Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez

Considered by many the “GOAT” Demetrious Johnson had a crazy run in the UFC flyweight division with 11 straight title defenses. He lost his last fight in the UFC againt Henry Cejudo on split decision. But I believe it wasn’t until he got to ONE FC he really had the toughest fight of his career. He ended up winning his debut with a guillotine choke. But he really had to dig deep. Therefore believe the flyweight division of ONE FC might be tougher then the one in the UFC.

The same goes for Eddie Alvarez. A former Bellator and UFC Champion. Who ran into big problems in ONE FC by loosing his debut fight by way of knockout in round one. Eddie fights in the lightweight division which is a really stacked one in the UFC. But even though ONE FC has a bunch of killers in lightweight. I believe that the UFC has the best lightweights in the world. With fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson I don’t think there is a dispute about that.

As you may have noticed there is no 100 percent safe way to say which organization possesses the best fighters. As it is not a fact until they have fought each other. So basically it comes down to personal opinions. I will make some dots here to show you what I consider when answering the question.

“Are UFC Fighters the Best Fighters in the World?”

  • The fighters experience
  • Have they fought in another big organization? (and if so, with what result?)
  • Have the UFC Champion fought another champion from either Bellator or ONE FC?
  • Records of the fighters
  • The variety of skillsets
  • Age and future potential
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Considering these dots I believe the UFC do have the best fighters in the world. With undefeated champions such as Jon Jones who by the way defeated the Bellator LHW champion Ryan Bader with ease. And legends such as Georges St-Pierre I don’t believe that the other organizations even come close in terms of talent and skill. Maybe in the future, we will see a little bit more even distribution of talent. But as of right now there I no competition.

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