Best Sparring Gloves under 100 USD – [Best value for money]

Best Sparring Gloves under 100 USD

I was just thinking about what the best sparring gloves for under 100 USD might be and what attributes they should possess. For those of you who don’t really know what sparring is. It is basically when you go at each other 1 on 1 and fight as you would in a normal fight. Only that most of the time you only fight at maybe 25-35 percent to prevent injuries. And the same goes for the gloves, you will need a comfortable glove that won’t do too much damage. Therefore, the recommended size for a sparring glove is 16 ounce, even though small fighters can use 14-ounce gloves.

Once you’ve got your new gloves and are ready to begin sparring, you can check out this article I made with 10 basic kickboxing combinations you can implement to your artillery.

The Absolute Best Sparring Gloves under 100$

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Glove

Best sparring gloves under 100

I have no personal experience with these gloves but from what I have read and heard they are supposed to be really good.

They are supposed to be really comfortable and are made with high-grade leather. Making them one of the best sparring gloves under 100 USD. You can use them for hitting the bag or sparring which is great.

Because most gloves used for sparring tend to be really bad for hitting the bag. Used by high-level fighters such as Georges St Pierre and Michael Bisping I don’t think there is a dispute that they are really good. If you would want to spend a bit more on a glove as this one comes in at around 50 USD. I absolutely recommend the Hayabusa T3 glove which comes in at around 130 USD.

  • Quality high-grade leather
  • Used by recognized professional fighters

Venum Gladiator 3.0

This is the glove I personally use at the moment. And I can only say that I am more than happy with them. The wrist support is really good, the quality of the stitching is unbelievable and the general feel of the glove is perfect. I can genuinely say that it is probably the best sparring glove I have owned.

The glove comes with a triple density foam that absorbs the shock of every impact. Lowering the risk of potential injury a lot. The ventilation in the glove is also really good, which prevent the gloves from getting all soaked in sweat and become heavy. Coming in at around 85 USD I highly recommend this glove.

BGV1 Fairtex

Best sparring gloves under 100

This glove is all about quality and I have some experience with it myself. Therefore I can comfortably list them as one of the best sparring gloves under 100$. Some variants of this glove have a grip bar built-in but here I am reviewing the standard version without the grip bar. The padding on this glove is more distributed to the back of the hand and less on the knuckles compared to most gloves.

This gives the glove somewhat more of a natural feel to it and I really like it. The glove is handmade and the feeling when putting it on is perfect. The velcro is of great quality and supports the wrist really steady. If you are willing to pay close to 100 USD, I can truly recommend this glove at is comes in at around 95 USD.

Top King Superstar

These gloves are known for their padding and is supposedly one of the best sparring gloves under 100 USD. Which gives you really good comfort when throwing punches. You will not have to worry about getting injured because of the thick padding on the knuckles. However, this can also make the glove appear a bit clumsy as they are not as streamlined as most other gloves.

But some people prefer thick padding on the knuckles and some people don’t. The glove is made from 100% cowhide and the quality is top-notch. I love the way this glove fits on my hands because it sits so tight and you can’t feel any pleats whatsoever. Coming in at around 85 USD on amazon I would recommend this glove if these are the attributes you seek.

Twins Boxing Gloves

These gloves are quite a common sight at the gym, and rightfully so. The glove fits extremely nice and the padding is really solid and high quality. These gloves are made to take some punishment and will most certainly hold for a couple of years. For some people, the padding might be a little bit too thick but I really don’t notice it.

The wrist support is phenomenal and the velcro is really good quality. And let’s not forget the design. Especially the premium ones, they may be a little bit more expensive but still under 100 USD. They just look insanely good. These gloves will land at around 79 USD and 99 USD for the premium ones and I would personally pay the 20 USD extra for the premium ones.

Why should you even spar?

Sparring is a great opportunity for you to try out the different moves you have learned in a real fight situation. One move may look really cool when you practice it. But just won’t work when you about to execute it in sparring. If you train just for self-defense you won’t need to spar as much as a combat sports competitor. But you should spar from time to time anyway. Keep in mind that when sparring you should always wear a mouthguard. Headgear can also be useful but is not really a must when you spar lightly.

The picture was taken from:

I believe that a good sparring glove should have a good quality velcro that won’t get loose after a couple of uses. It should be easy to put the glove on and take it off. And the stitching needs to be high quality. Some gloves also tend to have pleats inside that after some use will cause abrasions, which is a big no-no. Generally, I like the Venum gloves but this list will consist of a bunch of different brands.

Is sparring dangerous?

As you may think, getting hit in the head is not good. But there is a right way and a wrong way to spar. If you do it the right way you will absolutely minimize the risk, but there will always be a risk. To minimize the risk you should use 16-ounce gloves, a mouthguard, and never go 100 percent, especially not to the head. Headgear may be a good idea but some suggest that wearing a headgear is actually even worse. As the extra layer of protection amplifies the vibrations from the punch. I rarely use headgear, only when I have a cut or something like that.

As I am not a boxer I have chosen gloves used in kickboxing sparring.

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