Martial Arts

MartialNature is made to provide People with knowledge about different types of Martial Arts. Maybe you plan on beginning some sort of Martial Art. Then I can recommend you to read My articles. I write about everything from “what gear you Will need” to “who the best fighter on the planet is”.

My knowledge in this area is a pretty wide spectrum. And Keep in mknd that everyone thinks different. Therefore I am not here to say what is right of wrong, but rather to give my point of view of it all.

I have been training some kind of sport My entire life

. But MMA is what really got me hooked. And My hope is to reach out to as Many People as possible to share My experiences and maybe get some of you to become interested too.

My Journey:

I started My Journey in Martial Arts just a few Years Ago, and I got totally obsessed right away. There is so much to learn and so Many different techniques and styles that is seems endless.

I Believe that Martial Arts have saved countless of Lives. After all it is save My life. I was really in a downward spiral before i found it. And if I could recommend a style to start out with it would definitely be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gracie Jiu Jitsu). It is a form of Martial Art that focus on taking your opponent down to find leverages to use for ultimately submitting him/her. And it doesn’t matter if your 2 Years old or 90 Years old. Jiu Jitsu always work. MartialNature is dependent on traffic for me to Keep it running. So if you find this site interesting and giving I would Love you to promote the site on social media or Any other kind of platform. Best regards.

A good article to start out with would be this One:

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