Who is Conor McGregor?

Who is Conor McGregor?

He is an Irish Mixed martial artist born in Dublin july 14 1988. He is known for “predicting” his fights accurately, hence he got the nickname “Mystic Mac”. He’s been fighting for the UFC since 2013 and is among the 100 best paid athletes in the world.

Fight against Floyd Mayweather

On august 24 Conor fought Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match at the T-mobile arena in Las vegas. The fight recorded the second highest pay per view ratings in history and Conor made about 100 million dollars from that fight alone. The bout was scheduled for 12 rounds but got stopped in the 10th round due to Conor not being able to defend himself no more resulting in Floyd winning the bout via TKO. But honestly what did people think?, a guy who had never stepped his foot in a boxing ring was gonna win over arguably the best boxer ever with 50 wins and 0 losses to his record? No the outcome was probably inevitable.


Conor made his mma debut mars 9 2008. And won via TKO. The years following he fought for various different organizations before he joined the UFC in 2013. He won his first fight in the ufc and went on to get a star power never seen before in mma. I think it´s a missconception many times that Conor is the best fighter ever due to his fame. But that is simply not the case, while Conor is a very good fighter he is far from the best ever. His skillset is mostly dependent on his left hand, where he possesses high grade knockout power. But he lacks skills in other areas of the sport. He held belts in 2 divisions. And in september 2018 he tried to win back the 155 pound belt but he lost via neck crank in the 4th round to an unbelievable fighter in Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Private life

Conor is married to his longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin. Together they have a son born in 2017. He has been involved in some scandals, for example one time when he threw a dolly through a bus window. His temper gets him in trouble sometimes but it also brings fuel to his star power.

Who is Conor McGregor?


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