Worst Martial Arts For Self-Defense!

Here I will share with you some of the worst Martial Arts for self-defense. I am well aware that everyone has their own thoughts about this subject. I don’t make this article to provoke but to simply give you my point of view based on the experience and beliefs that I have. Most of the Martial Arts that I will mention here are really good for working out, and most of them do have some techniques that could be useable in MMA. However, if you are thinking about starting with Martial Arts for pure self-defense, here is a list of different Arts I believe you should avoid.

  • Aikido
  • Kung-Fu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Taekwondo
  • Non-contact karate

Aikido (Worst Martial Arts For Self defense)

I believe aikido to have started out as a pretty effective Martial art, as it originates from jujitsu. I just believe that it has sold itself after Steven Seagal started to popularize it. today you can walk into a dojo and gain a black belt in under 2 years.

And the techniques displayed in modern Aikido would simply not work too well in a self-defense situation. However, Aikido does have some moves that could work in specific situations. Such as various “throws”.

But it nowadays mostly consists of hand movements to evade strikes. Which in practice will not work well if you happen to bounce it out with someone who packs a punch.

A good puncher will most likely just hit straight through. The same applies to wrestling and grappling. If someone were to take you down Aikido won’t be there to save you.


Kung-Fu is also an example of a Martial Art that has sold itself out. You can see it all over Hollywood movies nowadays and that is usually a one-way ticket to hell for most Martial Arts. There are however still some legit Kung-Fu masters left in China for example. But commercial Kung-Fu is at its best a good workout and will not work that well in a self-defense situation. I do however praise kung-Fu for being a great tool for learning self-discipline etc…


Ninjutsu (Worst Martial Arts for self defense)

Ninjutsu is a very old art form, with roots stemming from the 5th century. It was used by ninjas to ambush and gather information in early Japan. Therefore it’s not that weird it lost its authenticity somewhere along the line. According to my own beliefs, “Modern Ninjutsu” have very little in common with the original art. And as with most other traditional Martial Arts it has sold itself out. From what I have seen, many of the moves performed in Ninjutsu will only get you hurt in a real-life situation. There are however some traditional schools that have kept some authentic Ninjutsu. And from those schools, I believe you could learn a whole lot.



Taekwondo originates from Korea and is a Martial Art that emphasizes head kicks. And that is the reason I believe it to be ineffective on the streets. Taekwondo as a Martial Art takes a lot of skill and practice to master, but I believe that high kicks for the most part have nothing to do in a street fight because it leaves you vulnerable. Either by you losing balance or you miss which leaves you open for counter-attacks.


(No Contact) Karate

There are several different types of No contact Karate. And even though I believe a special style of Karate, named “Kyokushin Karate” to be one of the best stand-up Martial Arts there is. Many other kinds of Karate are basically useless in a fighting situation. Mainly the “No contact” ones. Because if you always train without hitting your sparring partner, then nothing will prepare you for being hit. That is the reason I placed karate on this list. But on the other hand, I believe Kyokushin Karate to be one of the best Martial Arts. So if you are thinking about starting Karate you should really consider what school first.


Summary (Worst Martial Arts).

As I said at the beginning of this article, this is only my personal opinion and everybody has the right to have an opinion of their own. But if you found this interesting, and have an interest in betting. Then You might want to read my article about “Best betting sites 2022”. https://www.martialnature.com/best-mma-betting-sites/

Eric Wennergren

My name is Eric and i'm 25 years old. Country of residence: Sweden. I'm very interested in different forms of Martial Arts, mainly MMA. And i Also compete myself in different Combat sports. Mainly I'm om a mission to educate people about Combat sports.

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